Sunday, February 25, 2007
The Very Last Time
That I come back to Cyprus, of course. I know I've said this about six times before, but this time it does seem for real. Of course the client is kicking up a fuss, but things are so behind schedule, and Sylvain arrives tonight or tomorrow night to see the big boss and tell him, among other things, that I am definitively needed in Paris for a new project beginning 12th March.

I did even have a short meeting with my new PD, and he has sent me the project documents, so as far as everyone is concerned, this is happening.

I got back quite late last night, and went to bed pretty much straight away. The journey was tiring, in the check-in queue I had to stand behind a load of economy class people who had some special card or something, then the security queue was massive - and at one point the police got called, I couldn't see why, as the queue was so long, but probably another person who doesn't think the rules about liquids apply to them and gets shirty when their bottle of Evian is confiscated. I mean, I think the rules are stupid as well, no terrorist worth their salt is going to try to construct a bomb from my moisturiser, but we don't have any choice but to obey. Finally we got on the plane, and I spent most of the trip listening to the classical music audio, which takes my mind off other things.

Today I plan to forge ahead with darning squares and catch up on a bit of sleep, nothing more. I now have huge numbers of things to stitch, after my great mail day. I didn't get any more mail while I was in Paris - perhaps La Poste are boycotting my building after my Schwarzenegger remarks - but I think the only thing to come is Queen Sofia, which I know is on its way, probably will arrive Monday and wait a couple of weeks for me. I did go to Des Fils et Une Aiguille on Friday, and buy linen for the LHN Threads kit. I really like that shop, and now I have a carte de fidelite as well!

On Friday I also went to visit La Cour Des Grandes, as I was in the area at the FNAC nearby, but I wonder if that has changed hands, it looks really different, just like a general mercerie, rather than a specialist embroidery store. I'm sure it used to have really nice stitched things in the windows, but now it's just a few balls of wool and some DMC stuff. One of the things about being in Paris more is that I will be able to keep up with which shops are good, I am looking forward to being able to shop at my leisure instead of only once a month.

I'l try to take a photo of Point de Reprises later....
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  • At 1:40 pm, Blogger AnneS

    I feel quite sad myself that you'll be saying farewell to Cyprus ... but I guess the only certain thing about life is change - just think of all that wonderful shopping on a regular basis! :) I'm just sneaking in a bit of quick blog reading before bed since Mum's retired for the night - and I didn't want to just read and not comment (which is what I've been doing these last few weeks). Enjoy your final days of Cypriot lifestyle! :D