Thursday, February 22, 2007
Lots of Nice Mail
Although I had a terrible journey here to get it... they changed planes, and the replacement one had no business class. So there I was in the middle of the front row, in this teensy little seat, and the hordes milling around behind me. Drinks were in plastic cups, and I gave up trying to eat the meal, as nothing was fresh.

When I got home there were nice things in my mail box, and also a notice to go and collect three parcels from the Post Office. So I now have:

- Toccata 2
- Toccata 3
- Queen of the Needle Sampler
- Threads from LHN
- the new Blackbird Designs book
- Alyssum Scissor Pocket
- Stitchers Chair
- Hillside Samplings heart-shaped box with needlebook kit
- new SANQ
- threads for Drawn Thread alphabet
- Le Marquoir de Justine booklet

The latter actually arrived from FNAC this morning, and was wedged into the letter box in such a way that I could neither move it nor open the box. It took me and my very strong neighbour, Monsieur Duriez, 20 minutes to free it. During this the regular postlady arrived, so I told her that her colleague who delivers the parcels must be "un vrai Schwarzenegger". She looked puzzled and said she couldn't think which one it was today, she would check.

So I have heaps and heaps of stuff to be going on with.... I am also just starting the fourth darning square on my AMAP Point de Reprises, the ones after the first are much easier, being coloured and not just over one thread.
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  • At 6:52 pm, Blogger Trina

    Hi Ally, I read in one of your postings that you took some of the Just Nan Filagree Fancies to do on one of your trips. I have been searching for these every where. Would you be interested in trading? Thank you for your time.