Thursday, March 01, 2007
Good News
Our Resources Director sent out the bonus letters, and I got the maximum that I could get - although of course it gets reduced by 23% for social tax and other deductions and by 40% of the remainder for income tax. So I end up getting less than 50% of it, but I try to think that it is the thought that counts. It's also not spending money, it will be staying in the bank as far as possible, I think I need to open another savings account or something, the banking rules are so complicated.

Last night it poured with rain, unusually for here, and there was thunder after I got home, fortunately not while I was walking home. I finished darning square 6, and I have got 7 and 8 half-done, so I am on track.

I have also looked at the March issue of "The Gift of Stitching", and actually there are three things in it that I would want to stitch - a Jane Austen sampler, a stitching pochette and a Spanish sampler. Although they say "Jane Austin", such ignorance. I do think this magazine is getting better, last year there were some woeful issues.

This morning I had Jerry on MSN myself, he always asks when we are going live here, and he asked me again and if I knew when I would be leaving. So I told him and where I was going, and he acts really surprised "oh I thought they would want a really top French architect for that and anyway I thought that was all postponed, so you may end up with nowhere to go". He is a contractor, and I wonder if he sometimes feels insecure about his future, because he quite often makes what seem to be deliberately destabilizing comments. I am not worried about what he says, because I have the real story from Eliane. She says she is longing for me to start!

Rosetta is in a mega-sulk because I am going, goodness, she has dreamed up some great stuff for me to look at. I had better go and do it so that I can qualify for an AMAP break later!
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