Wednesday, March 07, 2007
Difficult to Work Today
I don't know why, but I just can't concentrate - I have one big thing I really should be doing. David is sitting beside me, clearly playing Freecell, but he has been here since 6:00 am, as he is working with a guy in the Far East about something.

We are all going out to dinner tonight, including Andy and Rosetta, to celebrate my last week, I do not know where we are going though. Means no stitching tonight, so I shall have to steal half an hour this afternoon and continue with my hemstitching - I am doing a zig-zag hemstitch around the AMAP Point de Reprises. No, I haven't finished those last two darning squares, I think that will be a weekend task. I have also last night overcast around my linen for the Renato Parolin redwork, I still have to mark the centres on that. I'm doing all three on one piece of linen, it doesn't need to be divided until it's finished, as they are not big pieces.
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