Monday, March 05, 2007
What A Morning
It started about 9:00 pm last night when Leo called me and said Galatia would pick me up at 7:40 today and also collect Alec so that we could be at the Immigration Office regarding our work permits.. .so I get up at 6:20 am, since I have to have breakfast, otherwise I collapse about 10:00 am. We get to this office, and find it is the wrong one, after waiting for half an hour, so pile into the taxi again and off to the right one, where we are supposed to have this appointment. The appointment turned out to mean standing in a queue for a long time, only to receive - not a work permit, but a pink receipt identical to the one I was given in October 2005. At which time I was told that my work permit would be issued in two weeks, just like the man told me today. Do I believe him? Haha.

I did try to complain, but of course, all the response you get is "lady, we got too much work", so it's not really a lot of use. I squawked a bit, which embarassed Alec, but to no avail.

Anyway I got back here, not long after 9:00 am, feeling as though I had done a day's work already, only to find that my young man in the Far East still does not understand that we do not add demand registers together to get maximum demand. Also that Rosetta has given me eight more problems to look at!

We are all in a great mood, Alec because he also came to the ministry, and David and Leo because they are having trouble with their new email system - they belong to a part of the company that merged with the big one at the beginning of March, so all their systems have changed.

On a far more pleasant subject, thanks to Kim for her kind comments on Point de Reprises. I am glad I went with the stronger colours, the bright reds and the yellow, which I did have doubts about. They work when you get them together with the more muted tones, and I also think they give a good impression of the period of the sampler as well. It's also really good to know that there are others out there working on this. When I first saw it on the AMAP site, I just fell in love with it and had to have it. I think AMAP are wonderful, the most beautiful designs and so fast to get them as well, often they arrive two days after I've ordered them, and that is good, even from Chantilly to Paris (I think she's in the Chantilly area somewhere).

I have decided that my next works will be the LHN "Threads" and the Renato Parolin redwork, should be able to get them ready to start sometime this week, as I have only two half squares of darning and the hemstitch left to do on Point de Reprises.

Well, back to Rosetta's latest effusions!
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