Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Somewhere in the East of Paris
This is quite different from what I had imagined – for the suburbs, it is fairly quiet and green, we are right next to a canal of the Marne. The journey is not as long as I had feared, less than an hour if all goes well. I can imagine that, if there is a problem, it could be an hour and a half, but that is not the regular situation. The thing is that the others who come here live in the western suburbs, not in Paris, so it is longer for them. Eliane is driving 40 kilometers each way, which is considered excessive here.

Tuesday was my first day at the client, it was a bit tiring, as I was in a meeting practically all day, in French, and at present I have to concentrate quite a bit to understand everything. Especially as I don’t know much about water (the client’s business), so there is some terminology that is new to me anyway. It will get better in a week or two.

There is a cantine at the client, and it is better than the one at our own offices, on Tuesday I had omelette fines herbes with broccoli puree and haricots. Today salad with avocado and tuna.

On Tuesday I got home at 7:30 pm and then had to call Leo and David, I have been speaking to them every day, just to tie up the few loose ends. Also, I miss David terribly, because really he is my best friend, my “just friends” best friend. And I miss Leo and Alec, I’ve worked with Alec for three years and known him ever since I came to Paris. Most of all, of course, I miss Nicky, but I think he will be over for a few days soon.

So during the week, I don’t think I get much time to stitch, after getting in, tidying up a bit, making dinner - which I am determined to do, for financial reasons, it really is cheaper. Even if I spend 6 euros on two salmon pieces, that is still only 3 euros per meal, as opposed to at least 10 euros, and more likely 15, for salmon in a restaurant. A steak to have at home costs anywhere from 4 euros up, but that’s still cheaper than a restaurant, even if my cooking is not as good. I am trying to eat quite a varied menu, and to have a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, I think the benefits will be seen in my health and energy.

One thing is of course that I am walking around a lot more during the day here, I think I will get a pedometer and see how many steps I do. But naturally one walks more here than in Nicosia, because there is the walk to the transport, and the changes from bus to train, and the coffee machine is down a flight of stairs. Then there is the staircase at home. Also it’s not as dangerous to walk here, the traffic is relatively well-behaved, compared to Nicosia. I’m also carrying a weight i.e. laptop, which is a very heavy IBM T43, everywhere I go, so I guess that must burn some energy as well. Naturally all the PDs have little lightweight laptops – and they are mostly quite strong men – but the official line is that we workers need more powerful ones, for the software we use, and these are necessarily heavier. Hmmm, not sure that holds water technically.

At the weekend I have a fair bit to do, but I’m determined to get quite a bit of stitching done, including finishing AMAP Point de Reprises. I have started the LHN Thread Gathering, and put a few stitches in each night, just a needleful really. I’m also going to sort out the stash, and try and move everything to the same area of my room, a bookcase that is between my bed and the heater. It means the books from there get moved, to the kitchen temporarily, and I am simultaneously sorting out books that can go to a good home somewhere else.

I just talked to David, it is raining in Nicosia, not here, haha!
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