Saturday, March 17, 2007
A New Name
As I said, I have had a little update of the name, as I have definitively returned from Cyprus...

I've been out today, setting out for the LNS which used to be in the rue Cesar Franck near me - and no longer is! So I walked on further and had lunch at Poivrier, which has lovely plates with open sandwiches, I chose scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on Poilane bread, with salad and a tartare of courgettes and tomatoes. Then walked further still to the hairdressers, where I spent two hours and 200 €, so that I now look respectable again. Have been feeling a bit shaggy the past couple of weeks.

Small comment on the price for anyone who has fainted - I do go to an expensive hairdresser, as I have fine, floppy hair and need a good cut. I also had a balayage to even up the colour and a mask to make it shine, so it adds up. I've been going to this one (Maniatis) for about five years, so they know me well and always do a good job. But yes, it's about three times as much as you would pay for the same services at a "neighbourhood" salon.

I also had to walk home, as there were no busses, owing to a demonstration that seemed to be against homosexual parents. It was incredibly noisy, and it is scheduled to finish with an open-air concert next to Invalides, so I hope that doesn't go on too long, as that is within hearing distance. A lot of teenagers holding banners that said "A mother and a father = a child". I guess they are entitled to their views, although I don't share them (in my humble opinion, there is no one successful recipe for a family), and I do think it is a pity to close off main streets on a Saturday afternoon when everyone is out wanting to do things. I at least can walk home, but there are plenty of people who cannot.

Now I am back home and there is a huge pile of clothes on the floor from my wardrobe, my plan for the evening is to sort those out, and to do some stitching. Haven't got the faintest idea what is on TV, probably rubbish as usual on Saturday, but I do have a new Hercule Poirot DVD.
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