Thursday, March 22, 2007
Looking forward to the weekend
It's not that I don't like work, or anything like that, because most of the time I do - it's not just something I do to earn money, I do it because I like it and believe in it. However, coming back from Cyprus and straight on to another project has been very taxing. I still haven't unpacked everything, and there is still a lot of tidying up to do, and I am doing a full working week, with workshops starting next week.

I noticed this morning that my bathroom floor is really quite dusty and dirty, and it occurred to me that it may not have been cleaned properly since last summer - I probably ran the broom over it a couple times since then, but nothing else. When you are only home one weekend a month, and there's so much to do, something misses out, inevitably. You should see the fridge also!

This week I have managed to do only a little stitching - on the LHN Thread Gathering, it is now "THR" and part of "E", plus half of the middle line of letters. I'm only getting about half an hour in the evening when I can do anything, unfortunately, and I hope this doesn't continue.

The positive part of being in Paris, apart from having normal facilities for everything, like transport, shopping and so on, is that I am by necessity much more active, as I have to walk up four flights of stairs at least once a day, plus walk to the bus and the train and often stand up on them as well. I can feel that I am becoming a little fitter.... it was a problem in Nicosia that I couldn't walk anywhere much because of the danger on the roads, I'd hate to live permanently in a country that was given over to cars and driving. At least in Paris it is normal to walk and safe to do so. Anyone who thinks the traffic is bad here should just take a trip to Cyprus - if they dare!

Well, I had better go and do some work, and try not to dream too much of being at home and stitching! I'm waiting for my leave to be approved, hopefully that will happen soon and I will have that time to look forward to.
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