Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Another Busy Week
Tuesday evening already, and it is another busy week - I have nearly finished my translation, now we need to prepare for the start of workshops next week. Eliane told me today to get up to speed with open item accounting as soon as possible - I haven't done accounting for years, and never open item! But I think that means they want to keep me in France, when the project goes international, so I am happy about that. The international pilot site will be somewhere in the USA, it seems, and with my current problems with flying, this is not what I want to do.

The other good thing is that I have to have quite a lot of vacation this year, as I already have forty days outstanding, plus 2.5 days of RTT (this is what we get for working more than 35 hours a week). So it looks as though I will get all the long weekends in May, plus maybe another two weeks then, and the whole month of August. If I can take two weeks in May, I will go to the UK on the ferry and go to some needlework shops, plus go to the Bronte house in Haworth. I looked up today what was on at Royal Shakespeare Company as well, and unfortunately nothing I am very keen on seeing. I don't think I will go to London, but definitely York, and I'm not sure where else. No idea what I will do in August. This is all courtesy of the Dwarf, who didn't believe in vacations, or French employment law, for that matter.

I have been stitching a little, mostly on Thread Gathering by LHN, and I printed off the Sajou SAL from the Swappons blog, as I am getting a thing about redwork at the moment, and want to do quite a bit of it - I just wish I had more time! At least the long weekends should be good for stitching.
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