Monday, April 02, 2007
Another Day Where I acquire 1 Million Things to Do...
But I am getting to expect this, why should today be any different? We had sessions until 5pm today, what fun. Tonight I have to do a diagram I don't really understand yet, for them to pull apart tomorrow, and two more sets of slides, one including some new development I don't know anything about. Par for the course, I guess, I learn a new subject every day.

On the plus side, my Rebecca Jeffcoat Needleprint arrived from the Netherlands today, I only ordered it on Thursday, so that is extremely impressive. Think I may order a meter of Antique Ivory Belfast for these Needleprints and some other samplers. I could go the R&R route, as so many have, but I am often disappointed in their quality, I always seem to get the piece that looks like a paint rag. I think it may be better to vary the fibers e.g. Au Ver A Soie, Vicky Clayton etc, in function of what I have and what I can get.

I also got an email from SBB saying that a load of fibers, mostly Crescent Colours, are on their way. My feeble progress with Thread Gathering has impressed me with CC, so I have decided to collect them. Haven't yet decided about their Belle Soie range, but it is a possibility.

Well, back to the salt mines.......... did I mention it will be a three day weekend this week?
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