Sunday, April 01, 2007
This has been quite the worst week I have ever had for both stitching and blogging - in fact the reason I am sitting in front of the computer now is because I have more slides to do for tomorrow's meetting at St Maurice, I have completed two sets, and should do another three. Most of this week is subjects I dont know anything about, so the reading is horrendous.

Yesterday I did nothing at all, went out to do a bit of shopping, and actually bought some books to read - I am in the middle of "Sun Storm" by Aasa Larson, a Swedish thriller writer, it's rather good. I felt very tired still and actually didn't get up until really late, then wanted to sleep at intervals throughout the day. I feel less drained today, but have a lot to do, I am spring-cleaning the bathroom in between slides.

I did go out this morning and buy some vegetables and a roasted chicken. I am getting used to the markets again, and it is nice to go down there on a Sunday morning and get enough to eat for several days for about 20 euros.

Well, I need to get on with it! Thank goodness next weekend is three days (Good Friday is NOT a holiday in France, but Easter Monday is).
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