Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Nice Stash Enhancement Package
I arrived at work today to find my monthly packet from Traditional Stitches waiting... really nice, it has the chart and charms for the Lynne Nicoletti Fortune Teller, also some Mary Arden petite beading needles, a couple of free charts, one of which is from Long Dog, and three fridge magnets - "I only stitch on days that end in Y", "I'd rather be stitchin than in the kitchen" and "Things to Do - cleaning, NO WAY, cooking, NOT TODAY, laundry, TOMORROW, stitching, YOU BET!!!"

At least this one comes to work, so I got it - I don't know what's happening to my home mail, I have had very little, and I am expecting at least three packages, plus my Eurostar tickets. No idea if La Poste are doing one of their things, or if packages are going astray.
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