Sunday, April 15, 2007
A Few Stash Pictures
First, the GAST Colours of America:

Great colours, my only gripe is that the colour names are only on the bag that they came in, not on each individual tag, as with other GAST colours.

Now Lady Scarlet and her Secret Garden:

Close-up of herself, mega mega-cute:

And now my kits from Des Histoires a Broder - I got these at Vernon:

Yes,I like pink and green, it was hard to choose from the ones available, and I will be getting more at some stage....
I didn't get up until midday - apart from a little while at 7am - since last night the neighbours were having parties until 2am! I can't work out why people here keep their windows open in summer while they scream all evening and half the night, then close them when they go to bed. I hate sleeping with a closed window.
Now I've talked to David for about an hour, he is working in the office in Cyprus, and I should be working here now... instead I am going to read the Sunday papers, have a sandwich and then do some work. I worked from 7 to 11 last night, and I can see myself working until 11 tonight, which is not fun, as it is a 6:30am day tomorrow. Roll on Thursday lunchtime, I am going home to bed then. I told David this, and he said, yes, definitely, and don't let Madame LA stop me. I also talked to him for an hour last night before I started working, I couldn't manage without him...
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