Wednesday, April 11, 2007
And Even More....
I got home to find that there was a package from SBB, with a lot of Crescent Colours and the Embroiderer 1 & 2 charts from Homespun Elegance:

They had a sale at SBB, so I ordered all the Cottage colours plus a few others I need for projects.

And the next one is my truly pathetic progress on Thread Gatherer:

It will be cute when it is finished, and I can just see it in a nice wooden frame. The colours are actually much stronger, the light here is terrible at present.

Still no train tickets, but I hope soon, also I hope soon the missing packages from Silver Needle... I also just had a long talk with David on the phone, he wanted to know something about one of my functionalities, and we also gossipped madly. I heard today that the Dwarf is leaving, it is called a resignation, who knows? But anyway he and our company are not right for each other, that's for sure. Also talked to Nicky earlier, so I am in a good mood.

Now I plan to do a bit more on Thread Gatherer, maybe even a whole letter, if I am very good!

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