Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Goodness Gracious Me!
After two days of these analysis sessions that I learned I had to do on Friday when they started on Monday, I am quite exhausted - we change priorities every three seconds! And I have heard far too much of one person's voice. She does things like tell me I must set a timetable and keep to it, then upsets it by asking questions for hours at a time. And I am not exaggerating, she can talk for a long time without drawing breath. Some duct tape would be very handy.

Last week she complained that we didn't show our expert knowledge of the subject, now we are not allowed to say anything too technical! Suzette mentioned the word "bi-polar" to me, and I have to say... Suzette and I met on the platform of the RER station quite by chance at 7:25 am this morning, and oddly enough I had just seen our lawyer's relocation consultant on the bus.

So actually tonight I am not doing any work, as it will probably be wasted tomorrow, I am stitching, but I need to sleep early after two six am starts. We had to start the sessions at 9:00am, and this means getting up three hours beforehand.

I did start the little HIH "Roses are Red" on Sunday, it is a small, quick stitch, the sort of thing I would do in a day in normal circumstances. I have all the WDW and GAST colours for these HIH charts, there is a relatively restricted palette - Antique Rose, Straw Bonnet, Lancaster Red, Maple Syrup, a few others, I like these colours very much on the beige linen.
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