Friday, April 20, 2007
Doing Quite Well
On "Roses are Red" - of course, it is small, but it is a good way of just getting back into things again, take something small that I know I can do in a week, even a horror week, which this pretty much has been. I think I may make it into a pinkeep, I printed out some instructions for this today - in French, but I understand that!

I got home before 7 pm today, which was great, after a fairly relaxed day - Suzette and our trainee and I went to lunch at Hippo, and had big plates of meat and trimmings, well, they did,I had my assiette exotique, with lots of bits and pieces. Suzette had ribs and Salima had a hamburger.

Tomorrow I want to go to Le Bon Marche and get quite a few things, but apart from that, nothing much. I am in full writing mode now, and I think it will be about 150 pages, maybe 200, it can't be more than that. It's a pretty important document, because it will be a blueprint for any water development we do. I quite like water, I have only worked with electricity and gas before.

I had a Skype chat with David, poor guy, he is trapped in Nicosia, because they should be going live on May 15th - he was allowed to go home one day for his wife's retirement party, and he will go one day next week for Israel independence day, but that's it. He was dashing out to buy food before dark, because he can't handle money on the Sabbath. If we were there together at the weekend, I would always pay for his lunch on Saturday. Alec has been on holiday in Spain for two weeks, and he will come back to chaos on Monday, apparently. And Leo will be in Paris for three days next week, there is a conference of project directors, so I will get to see him on one of those days, which is great. Wonder if the Dwarf will turn up, there are all sorts of rumours about him.

Ok, back to Thalassa on tv, and "Roses are Red".
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  • At 10:14 am, Anonymous Anne S

    I bet you can't wait to see the Dwarf again ;P haha. Thanks so much for your lovely comments ... funnily enough, I was just reading yesterday that you'd been to the AMAP stand - I'm very envious! I wish I had my current design tastes when I last visited Paris, I would have gone crazy with all the redwork etc that I now love :D I'm actually toying with the idea of another trip back over in a couple of years, so if you're still there we just might be able to do that terrace lunch :D

    BTW I was thinking of you on Friday - the latest Inspirations magazine turned up in my mailbox, and it has an article in it about Lefkaritika ... Christine Bishop visited Lefkara and has written an article on it - I immediately thought of you :D