Monday, April 23, 2007
Monday in the Far East of Paris
I got there at 8:30 am, not bad, as I did not get up until nearly 7:00 am, but the buses and trains were cooperative, and I did not have to spend 20 mins at the bus-stop, which I did every day last week.

The session was not too gruesome, but it was tiring, and I don't think I had enough lunch - although it was delicious, we went to the Italian place and I had a Venetian salad, with shrimps, tuna, avocado etc etc. Our project director was back today from his holiday, he had been to Cyprus, although to the beach, not to Nicosia, of course. So we talked a bit about Cypriot food, he had his birthday while he was there and they went to a traditional taverna.

I did some more "Thread Gathering" last night, I have "THREA" and half a D on the top line, the middle line is finished, so I will get there. Tonight I have to do a chapter of PA report, if I do not make great progress this week, I will be working during my four day weekend. I know I will have to a little, but I don't want to work all weekend.
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  • At 7:33 am, Anonymous Anne S

    Ooh, you've just reminded me ... I wanted to make the Stifado (spelling?) recipe from the 2005 JCS ornie issue (Judith Tuttle did it) - I fell in love with that in Cyprus while I was there. Of course the original was done with a 'clay' covering, which won't be a-happenin' in this kitchen, so Judith's recipe will be just perfect! :D