Sunday, April 22, 2007
Roses are Red
This is my little finish of last night... to be made into a pinkeep next weekend, this being the four day weekend when I will have more time.

Yesterday I went and bought out Le Bon Marche, no, I guess that is a slight exaggeration, but I bought:

- DMC thread for Lady Scarlett
- finishing materials for the pinkeep
- an Elle Tricote scarf kit
- five books, including "Hunting and Gathering" by Anna Gavalda, which I have read in French, but also want to read the English.
- a doudou like a chicken for my new nephew
- exercise books for work, and Sudoku pencils
- food at La Grande Epicerie

All this before midday, so I came home, did washing, cleaned a bit and went to bed for two hours with a clear conscience. Got woken by the phone, some woman trying to sell health insurance. I must find out if I can get these calls stopped, some of them are so rude, I had one woman a few weeks ago wanting to know how much tax I paid! Great way to find out who is "rich" and come to burgle them.

Then an early night, and no parties in the neighbourhood, great. If I sleep a little this afternoon, I may be in quite good shape tomorrow, and we are back to 10 am starts for the workshops, so I don't have to get there until 9 ish.

My plans for today do include some solid work on the PA report, some stitching (probably Thread Gathering) and also a bit of tidying up of clothes, I think I can put the winter ones in the depths of the cupboard.
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  • At 7:37 am, Anonymous Anne S

    Love your latest finish - those colours really pop :) Like you, I really detest people who telemarket at home ... if they were selling the most ideal product I've been longing for for years, I'd refuse to buy it on principle! ;)