Sunday, April 22, 2007
Sarko and Sego
Today was the first round of the presidential elections.... they have just announced on the news that it looks as though it will be Nicolas Sarkozy and Segolene Royal who will go through to the second round, they have 30% and 25% respectively, and the next one is about 7% behind.

I guess it could change a little, but not enough probably to knock out Segolene, unless the vote counting procedure is really weird. Most of it is electronic, that's why they have figures so soon.

Of course I can't vote, despite the taxes I pay, as I am not French - yet! I don't know who I would have voted for, but not Sarkozy and not Le Pen. The latter is the National Front, the one who said recently that French people couldn't support their football team because they were all immigrants, I ask you! Sarkozy also loves foreigners, not, although possibly he makes an exception for mega-tax payers like me. In some ways I would like Segolene to win, but I think it would be very hard for her - there are so many people out to get her, already there have been comments that her vote is a bit down, because there are people, even from the left, who do not want a woman as president. The other candidate I quite like is Bayrou, from the centre, but I'm glad not to have to make a choice this time.

Sarkozy is beaming out on the television, he actually looks a bit like the Dwarf in some ways (although he has more hair, I think it is the shark like smile) ... this may well be a factor in my being put off him. I also find him fairly hard to understand, rather annoying, as Chirac was easy to understand, he said everything very clearly.

I could hear some of the neighbours cheering when the news came on, I wonder which one it was for?

Well, back to my document, I have done a bit today, and also a bit of "Thread Gathering"
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