Sunday, April 29, 2007
Sunday Morning Before Breakfast
Oh yes, we are at the computer! That is the Royal We, unless you count rabbits and lions (of the toy variety). My plan is to write this morning, sleep this afternoon and do the washing etc, also some stitching. I was actually up until about 1:00am with a mixture of writing and stitching, and I now have "THREAD GATHER", so today's ambition is to add "ING"!

Then I am going to email my work to Madame LA, who is working tomorrow, and I will do it really late, so that she will feel guilty. Is that mean of me, or what? Actually it suits me to work at night, because the neighbours are taking advantage of the holiday, they started on the music at midnight last night. I would retaliate with opera right now, except it would be a bit unfair on the nice neighbours, who need their sleep. I don't know when the lady upstairs sleeps, she goes out at 7:30 am to work, comes back at 7:30 pm, and she also takes all meals to her elderly parents who live next door to me, they are very frail and must be at least 80. Possibly older, as she is older than I am.

Anne said the word "Nicky" may cheer me up, that is true! He is also working like a maniac, he was online until midnight as well. At least these days, with Skype, we can communicate with our friends while we work. Although I think the bosses insist we have Skype so that they can tell when we are online and keep track of us. I am glad we did not have it in the days when I was in customer service group and on call 24 hours per day.

Yesterday I did have a moment of panic that I would not be able to go away next weekend, but I've now realised that it is possible, even mandatory. For one thing, the first draft of the PA report is due Monday morning at 10am. That means I need to give it to Madame LA before the weekend - it is still uncertain whether the French version needs to be delivered Monday, but the client would like it in both languages, so she needs the weekend to translate and put her finishing touches, as it is her responsibility. If necessary, I can get a hotel in Helsinki that has wireless (many of them seem to) and do some stuff, but I hope not. Anyway, I am working now even when it is supposed to be a holiday, and I have already given in any case, as the Dwarf did not recognise public holidays or RTT days, except for himself.

Did I reveal the final news about the Dwarf? He has left the company!!! Evidently has got another job in London, I feel sorry for them, but at least we are no longer burdened with him. I was too tired to have a party, unfortunately, but at least I thought about it. No-one seems to be particularly sad.

Well, back to work for an hour, then I will have a shower and go and get some newspapers and bread.
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