Thursday, May 10, 2007
Another Quelle Horreur Day, But Some SEX
As in Stash Enhancement..........not the other sort!

I went to La Defense this morning and spent it all trying to get onto the O system, and listening to Sylvain trying to do the same. He said "Merde!" about 500 times, and I felt like saying it too. Sylvain is like a nerdy sort of Inspector Clouseau, for a start he is 7 feet tall, and he weighs half of what I do, and he talks just like a joke Frenchman. David and I want him to go into films, we will be his agents and make a fortune. But he is nice, he worked in the US for about 5 years, and I think he has heard all the jokes.

Then we had to go and visit our client, and have a three hour meeting, I kid you not. Madame LA was extremely unsupportive throughout, and practically told them I am an idiot. The upshot is that I have to write three more chapters before Wednesday, and there is a lot of revising to do! Of course these are the three chapters where I know nothing at all! I am no financials expert, but I guess I need to learn and pick my friends' brains - David, Nicky and Alec know a lot more about this than I do. Suzette will be a big help, she is also hating much of this, so I have to keep her still enjoying it. Madame LA is failing a bit in that respect, she should be doing a lot more to keep us zen, it is part of her job.

So, after that, I went to visit Le Comptoir in Rue Cadet, a needlework shop I have not visited before - very nice, heaps of charts and knitting wool, a bit of linen, not much thread. I bought a Reflets de Soie Sampler, Berthe Massenet, and two little Tournicoton charts, and some 16 thread linen, which can be a bit hard to get.

Truly I am looking forward to a holiday next week, I will be on the train on Thursday to London. I have Wednesday off as well, and I am going to do a few essentials then. One thing I have to do is buy a new case, also have to go to the epilation, of course. I now have a heap of wasing and house-cleaning to do, as well. I don't think I will take my computer to London, in fact, I am sick of lugging it around, so it will be a complete break.
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  • At 4:05 am, Anonymous Anne S

    I got a shock when I read the heading ... I thought Nicky had been visiting and you'd finally taken it to another level ... shame on me! ;P If I don't get chance to say it before you go, have a wonderful holiday in the UK - good on you for not taking the laptop, it will be more of a rest for you :D Thanks also for all the lovely comments - sorry I haven't been returning the favour much of late {{hugs}}