Wednesday, May 09, 2007
Another Day of Disorganisation!
I did all my software downloads this morning, it took the whole morning, then after lunch (enlivened by a life-sized toy emu in the cafeteria, they are evidently having African week and thought it was an ostrich), I did two compulsory online courses, Sexual Harassment and Business Ethics.

Evidently in France, we are allowed to kiss our colleagues, but only in public! Of course, there are people I kiss every morning or whenever I see them, if that's not every day. You are also allowed to ask colleagues out on a date, but only twice, if they refuse, you can't keep on asking them. There have been a lot of jokes about this course, you can imagine. I suppose it is there for a good reason, but honestly, some of the material.

After that, I had to attend a conference call about the problem reporting system that will replace ours. I got on late, because they sent me the code late, and the first thing I heard was the organiser asking everyone to get off, because there was a problem with the sound. Then, when I get on again, I hear David apologising profusely for causing this, apparently it happened when he dialed in. Typical, if something like this is going to happen, it will happen to David. He has of course taken my place as the problem reporter in Cyprus, and is getting very bored with it.

So I used up the whole day like this, you can imagine it is not my favourite sort of thing to do. Tomorrow I have to look at the PA report again and work out what I need to do before next Wedensday, as I am on holidays from then. I need some time to go to the hairdresser as well, I can't think when I am supposed to do that!

Now I am going to go and do some stitching, Thread Gathering is coming along quite well, and I'd like to get it finished before the holidays. Then I can start something else! I am always in awe of these people who have multiple finishes each month, or even week, I suppose they are more assiduous than I am.
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