Monday, May 07, 2007
Nearly On the Way Back From Helsinki
I am sitting in the airport lounge reading through the first draft of the PA report, as sent by Madame LA to the client this morning - it looks quite good, I am wondering how she is getting on translating it into French, though, as it is 135 pages. I would have a hard time translating 135 pages of French into English by Wednesday morning.

Of course I have a lot to do this week to get the second draft done - it has to be delivered while I am on holiday in the UK, so I have to do my bit beforehand, and my bit is most of it, I am sure.

Today I feel more rested than I have done, I am sure the fresh air yesterday helped a lot. I spent most of the evening watching the French channel I eventually found on tv - after I couldn't take CNN's election coverage any more, it was atrocious and so patronizing about the French as well. Of course it was Sarkozy who has won and of course there have been a few riots as well, although nowhere near me, it seems.

I don't know what I feel about the Sarkozy victory.... when you listen to him, it all seems quite plausible, and you find yourself agreeing. But it's like Plato's Republic, you read that, nodding along all the way, and then you realise that what he is describing is fascism. I don't think Sarkozy is on that level (he is no Plato, for sure), but there is something strange there. And he does remind me somewhat of the Dwarf, which is unfortunate.

Well, I think I shall put my computer away and take out my stitching instead. It was funny, I had to take my computer out of its bag to come through security, and it was also interesting with my plastic bag full of toiletries. It was too big, so they gave me a smaller one, and I had to sacrifice a nearly empty bottle of conditioner and a nearly empty deodorant to the Finnish authorities! However, my two pairs of embroidery scissors (I have two wrapped up in different folds of cloth, in case one is detected) escaped their notice. I am very bolshie about the security checks on toiletries and so on, I don't believe it does anything to protect us from terrorism at all. Actually I think only the El Al level of security checking would, and many people would find that unacceptable, given the questions they ask.

Anyway, on to the stitching!
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