Friday, May 11, 2007
Rather Better
I didn't get up until 8am........ but that was because I sneezed so hard at 3:30 am that I woke myself up! So I was wandering around at that hour for a while. I'm so glad I don't have a job where I have to be there at certain hours, normally we can pick and choose a bit, so long as we are available to clients. Of course, if they schedule a meeting at some horrible hour, we must be there. Suzette's boyfriend in California, who is studying film, thinks it would be fascinating to make a documentary about us, because our lives are so weird, but I am not so sure.

On the other hand, it may be restful to know that you only have to work between 9 and 5, or whatever. I'm not sure about this.

Tomorrow I will go to Brentano's and to my LNS in rue Chabanais.......... I need to work out what I shall do over my holiday, 10 days without computer (well, about six entirely without it, in fact). I want to make progress! Finish Thread Gathering, put the last few stitches in AMAP Point de Reprises, get some more things into ziplock bags to start. Unpack my last case from Cyprus and get out the stuff I need to finish!

Thread Gathering is kind of fun, it is the first LHN I have done, and I have a few more - I like the designs, but it is a bit boring just doing cross-stitch. Even in the Crescent Colours. I am going to collect the Belle Soie range, I got a skein of this in my Stash Enhancement package from Traditional Stitches, and I had great difficulty in wresting it back from Suzette. She sits opposite me, and of course she saw me open the package. She loved it and said was I going to get more and could she play with it.

Well, it is bed time....
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