Sunday, May 20, 2007
Sunday in London
I finally made it to M&S to buy trousers for Madame LA - her instructions were black ones and white ones, but I could only get the white ones, the black ones have obviously been very popular, as they had sizes 10 and 20, but nothing in between. Also picked up a t-shirt for me, a jacket in beige linen with cross-stitch all over it (had to have that, will photograph it once I am back home) and a CD box with Greek music and recipes. Normally I don't go to M&S, but it's quite enjoyable once in a very long while.

Also went to Lords for about two hours, and just kind of flaked out there, watching cricket, which is something I have not done for a long time. I could have stayed a lot longer, but needed to do a few other things as well, also was getting hungry. The breakfasts at this hotel are dire, a terrible contrast with breakfasts in Helsinki, I can tell you, so I have been eating mostly at Pret A Manger. Today I bought their cookery book as well, so I can make the salads at home - mango and crayfish anyone? That is the sort of thing I might well "cook".

So tomorrow I need to do a bit of last minute shopping, like flowers and sausages, I already have the baked beans and the chutney. Hope I can get everything into the new suitcase. Speaking of which, I am glad I live in Paris, I saw the same suitcase for £142.50 here, and mine was 240€, including the overnight bag, which I bet is the best part of £100 here.

I'll be home early evening tomorrow, and then I fly to Copenhagen on Tuesday, just for the night. This is purely to do some shopping, like Sommerfuglen, Illum and the food shop at the airport. I am still so annoyed about the whole plastic bag thing, there is no way I can take everything I need for my hair and skin in one tiny plastic bag. And I don't think these rules are going to stop terrorism, actually I think it gives terrorists a message that they have the power to make things difficult for the rest of the world. But do not let me go on about that, I may not stop!

The best part of London has been getting the daily tickets and just going around on the bus, I've seen a lot of places I've only read about, and it gives you a really good view. Much better than the horrid Tube, with all its stairs and the narrow platforms.
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