Saturday, May 19, 2007
I Lasted Three Days
Without a computer..... Thursday, Friday and Saturday until now, which is 10pm.... and I have logged on to the hotel computer in the lounge, because I was getting severe withdrawal symptoms. I found I had 85 emails, at least half of which were total rubbish. I literally got itchy fingers, I cannot explain this.

This trip has been really good, I got here as planned on Thursday just after lunchtime, and found the hotel, it is about two minutes walk from Bayswater Tube station, so not a bad location. Whiteleys is across the road, I remember that as a department store in the 60s, now it is a shopping centre with not a lot there, except the usual chains like Zara and H&M, but it has restaurants, so is good for popping over for a not too expensive dinner.

Yesterday I went on the Docklands Light Railway from beginning to end, and all branches (I am a closet railway fan, I've always loved travelling by train, and actually my brother loves trains so much that he designs railways, it's a bit of a family thing). I also went shopping at Canary Wharf, and bought some fiendishly expensive Eve Lom face stuff. Then I got lost on busses and saw the Bank of England, Holborn Viaduct and Coleherne Court, where Princess Diana lived before she got married.

Today I did some duty shopping, and some personal shopping, I went to Clarks and bought some sandals (very embarrassing, because they have differnt sizes in the UK, apparently I am 5 1/2 instead of 39). Also to Evans and bough two pairs of linen trousers and two jackets, one beige linen, which I will photograph when I get back, it is so nice, and one like a very short turquoise raincoat. A few books too, of course... but there is nothing in the shops here about embroidery.

Have looked at the samplers in the V&A also, saw Jane Bostocke again, and Mrs Archibald Christie (aka Agatha).... and been to Loop in Islington, a very nice yarn shop. Also Liberty's, but there is really nothing except tent-stitchy needlepoint stuff in their embroidery department.

Tomorrow, it's Lords for England v WI.... hope it doesn't rain.....
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