Thursday, May 24, 2007
Back Home Again
I had a very quick trip to Copenhagen - I was back home from London, totally exhausted, on Monday evening, went to bed, got up again at 8:00 am Tuesday morning and went to the airport for the 11am flight to Copenhagen. So I was there about 1pm, and went straight to the hotel to drop my bag and back out the door, shopping!

My first stop was Sommerfuglen, which is a very good shop, more knitting than embroidery, although they do have all the Danish Handcraft Guild kits and so on. I bought sock yarn, including a Chinese brand I have never seen before, and knitting needles of rosewood and black wood (forget what the English for this type of wood is). Then on to Magasin, the city's biggest department store, at Kongens Nytorv, where I got some magazines and books. Food magazines mostly, but also just some Danish weeklies with pictures of the Royal Family, that sort of thing.

I went to dinner that night at the Rio Bravo tavern, which, despite its name, serves traditional Danish food, and I had my favourite hakkebøf with bearnaise sauce and potatoes. This is a steak haché in French, I love these, childish tastes, I know. I also managed a traditional Danish lunch yesterday, of crumbed fish filet served with remoulade, which I adore. But I couldn't bring back a bottle of remoulade, because you can't take it through airport security and the fine Food shop at the airport is closed for renovations until June. Goodness, I was annoyed about this, well, not specifically the Fine Food shop being closed - they have a perfect right to do renovations - but the whole liquids on planes business. Am I a terrorist who is going to make a bomb out of a bottle of remoulade? Is someone else who is a terrorist going to go through my bags looking for the bottle of remoulade so that he can make a bomb? The whole thing is totally pointless, and I am also getting very bored with security queues where you get people who either don't know about the rules or want to have an argument about them. Once you have seen the first few girls who scream, "but you stole my water!", it all gets a bit much.

Anyway I spent most of the morning yesterday in Fields, which is a big shopping centre at Orestad, on the way to the airport. It was extremely empty (at weekends it is a nightmare), so I had a good look around, bought some more sock wool at Panduro and some Danish detective novels in GAD. Well, one of them is Swedish, it's by Pernille Marklund, but it is in the Danish translation, as I simply cannot read Swedish.

I got home latish last night, 9pm, and stayed up quite late, doing washing and so on, while I read and did some Thread Gathering - I am well into the border now and should be having a finish soon. Now I am going out to do all the things I need to do........... back to work on Monday, and I have a lot to do before then.
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