Sunday, June 10, 2007
A Really Lazy Weekend
I can't remember when I last felt so tired..... yesterday I got up at 10am, went to the supermarket, had something to eat, put a few stitches into a couple of things and went back to bed for the afternoon. Actually if I hadn't had to meet some friends from New Zealand for dinner, I wouldn't have got up again. I was glad to see them though, and we went to a great restaurant - he is a bit of a gourmet, and chose a really rather expensive seafood restaurant, like 100€ a head, but it was worth it, the food was totally fantastic.

Today I also slept late, but am now up and about, I'm going to go to Carrousel du Louvre and to the bookshop, then need to go home and finish the washing, ironing and defrosting the fridge! This latter has not been done for some time, and it really needs doing. I also have opened my large suitcase from Cyprus, finally, and pulled out some of the things that need finishing, so I'm going through those to see what is there and what can be done.

This week will be another very stressful one, I have to do the absolutely final version of my report by Friday, it needs to be sent close of business. But, on Friday, we will lose our servers at midday, because the great office move is taking place over the weekend. I can see myself in McDonalds working on Friday afternoon! And I can see myself up until midnight Monday through Thursday.... oh well, roll on August, I am taking the whole month off.
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