Sunday, May 27, 2007
Rainy Sunday in Paris
I have put the weather to good use, and gone through my huge pile of papers - because I need to give tax stuff to the accountant tomorrow - and now I have this huge heap on the floor of things to be thrown out (or at least a heap that I will go through to double-check that they can be thrown out). And a massive pile of bank statements where I need to find the right one for the accountant. But I located the payslips, at least that is something. There was mail in the box that I got while I was in Cyprus and just never opened, I'm not sure when I am supposed to do all these things..........

The last two days have been busy, I did go to the foot place on Friday, but the epilation was busy, so I had to do that after the hairdressers yesterday, and in between I managed to go to the Louvre bookshop and pick up three catalogues that are part of my Benefactor package.

I have managed to do some more of Thread Gathering:

These are the first decent photographs I have managed to take of this piece! I only have the border to finish, and another bit of blue backstitching. The colours are not my normal choice, but I like them for a change, and I think I will get this one framed quite soon - although I don't know where, I guess I will ask the lady at Des Fils et Une Aiguille who she recommends.

And this is a photo of one of my new jackets I bought in London:

I am particularly enamoured of those sleeves, I guess they must be fashionable at present, but I intend to wear them even if they go out of fashion in the next five minutes. Actually you can see the other one (embroidered flowers) beside it, but it needs to be ironed! Along with many other things.... although I did cheat by sending eight garments to the drycleaner, and then staggering home with them yesterday. Fortunately I have a fidelity card with the drycleaners.

Have also spoken to my mother on the phone, and she told me all the things she told me last time, together with an update on who has died etc. Not a word from my sister, who normally keeps me informed on events in NZ, but I think she is probably in a snit because I've been to London and Copenhagen, after going to Helsinki a couple of weeks ago. Actually I get on quite well with her, I get on with all the family generally, but she has a very different lifestyle from me, much more settled, and I think she disapproves sometimes of me. She tends to tell me off for reading the Daily Mail instead of the Guardian, that sort of thing. And she was always telling me that I shouldn't be bored in Nicosia, there was something fascinating to do everywhere if only I could see it! Her example was of a Japanese garden in Toowoomba, but I have a feeling that, if I had to spend several months in Toowoomba (which I am sure is lovely if you actually live there and have your life there) for work, I would say the same as I did about Nicosia after nearly two years.

It is still drip, drip, drip outside......... sad for the tourists, in the market this morning I counted about six copies of Rick Steves' Guide to Paris, it is prime season for Americans. Mr Steves is an American travel writer, who is sometimes cursed in our neighbourhood, as he has recommended it highly as a place to stay. It is a nice place, but sometimes it would be more convenient to go to the traiteur and not be held up by people videoing the food instead of buying it! However it is true I do meet some nice people in the supermarket when they ask me which cheese is like Philly or which bottles are the hairconditioners as opposed to the shampoo.

Back to the grindstone tomorrow, I wonder what my leader has achieved while I have been away...

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  • At 10:55 pm, Blogger Kathryn in NZ

    Welcome home - great progress on Thread Gatherer. My Lady Scarlett arrived last week! She is sooooo fab, and so heavy! Thank you again for enabling me into buying her. Thinking of you at work, hang in there :)

  • At 8:14 am, Blogger Aussie Stitcher

    Your Thread Gatherer is looking wonderful. Congratulations.