Friday, June 01, 2007
Friday, Glorious Friday
And it has been a hard week, I have just written non-stop for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, also this morning, but we had to go out to the client for the whole day yesterday - I left home at 7:15am and got back at 7:30pm. And I did something terrible to my back, I went to get coffee from the machie on the way to my desk, and, when I bent down to get the cup from the machine, my computer bag swung down from my shoulder and hit me in the small of the back. Ouch! It was agony all day. And we spent most of the day in a windowless, airless room watching the client pick her nose (which she does a lot, I have got no idea why, and there is no possible polite way we can stop her). So I was really quite miserable when I got home and lay down flat on my bed.

However this morning, I don't know what had happened, my back felt much better when I woke up - although it has got stiffer and hurts a bit more now - so rest obviously did it good. I got up at 6:00am and got here at 7:15am, to my own office, thank goodness, and I've now just delivered the 3:00pm update of the report that I had to do. I am hoping that over the weekend it will get better, frankly I intend to take to my bed tonight with a bottle of wine and see what that does in terms of rest and relaxation.

We did go out to lunch today, to my favourite Hippo, and I had Thai brochettes with a Cretan salad, a real cultural mix, but it was very good, and just what I needed. The great news of course is that Nicky was there at lunch! I didn't see him at all yesterday, as I was immured in this windowless room, and he was in a meeting in quite another part of town, but he turned up here quite early this morning, and we had a coffee and a chat. Wish he could stay all weekend, but he is up to his ears as well, he is trying to do two things at once. We did manage to sit together at lunch, that was something, and he is going to be back again soon, it seems.

I also just downloaded the latest Gift of Stitching magazine, just after I delivered my report - their email was very well-timed! And I do think this one is even better, they have had some really good issues this year, much better than last year when there were some really terrible ones, with nothing I would want to stitch at all. The Double Dutch Sampler is lovely, although I would change the colours.

Anyway this weekend I have some translation to do, of test scenarios delivered by our client - they need to be in English for Suzette and the developers, and it seems that my spare time is the only time available to provide this translation!
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