Monday, June 18, 2007
Gruesome Weekend
I crawled home on Friday night quite late, and I was so tired I couldn't even watch Thalassa.... so Saturday I got up around 11am (I was zonked), went to the pharmacy, went to Sephora, had some lunch and went back to bed. I got up later after getting a message from Madame, saying that she had sent me the report, but there was a little translation from English to French to do. 20 pages, great! So I went back to bed again.

Yesterday I got up relatively early and spent 10 hours, eight of them in the office, translating - it is a lot slower for me to translate from English to French than the other way around, and some of this is quite technical as well. Today I was in the office at 7am to complete it by the midday deadline. Suzette and went to Poivrier and had lunch after that, with Kir and Chocolate Moelleux - this was necessary for survival purposes!

Honestly it is the dullest weekend I have ever passed in my life! Nothing apart from sleep and work, and I still feel tired, and still have heaps of work to do..... and Sylvain passed by today, saying he might have to do something about my holidays, because our project might extend into August! Oh dear....
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