Thursday, June 14, 2007
At Last A Few Minutes to Update
I have been working frantically all week on the hopefully final version of this report, and have barely had time to eat or sleep. I was quite happy today when I went to the doctor and he was running late - I sat there and stitched for half an hour! And the dentist who shares his rooms passed by and said, that is so nice, Madame. That is about the extent of my gratification for the week actually.

At night I have taken to brushing my hair, because I find it helps ease tension. I bought a new hair brush from Resonances, and it has very nice soft bristles. Brushing my hair is something I have never done on a grand scale, when I was younger my hair was much oilier than it is now, and it didn't seem to need brushing much.

I am also using my diffuser with essential oil in it, I bought a large pack of the tea-light candles that it uses at Resonances as well, plus some more oils. It's more of this comfort shopping that we seem to be indulging in (Suzette has bought shoes and jewellery this week).

Today I learned also that apparently I need to do a whole lot of translation from French to English over the weekend, it is needed for Monday. Needless to say, I don't yet know how much there is of it! That is a joy that lies in store for me..... I thought I was going to spend the weekend inhaling oils and fondling my silks.
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