Sunday, July 01, 2007
Sunny Sunday
So far at least it is sunny - but I believe it is going to rain cats and dogs later, I can already see a bit of grey in the distance. Weather forecast for this week is terrible also, rain every day, I think.

But I finished Thread Gathering last night! Of course I got out the camera this morning, so that I could take a picture while the light was good, and no battery!!! Pity, because it looks so nice - it was a really good kit to do. All I had to supply was the linen and the DMC metallic thread (which I think is hideous to use, never again, I'm sticking to Kreinik). And I have a whole skein of the Hickory Sticks thread left, because two were supplied, and I used the first one to its very end, but did not need the second. Isn't that great? I think of some kits where there has been only just enough thread, or I've had to go out and buy more.

Yesterday I went out in the morning - I slept late after the scented candle, rose and Venice - and went to Le Bon Marche to pick up a few DMC colours I needed. Also of course it was the sales, but there were no handbags that called out to me, alas! Next was a trip to try and find the Zara Home store that Suzette saw near Opera, but I couldn't find it, and there is an ordinary Zara near Opera, but they didn't know where it was! She can't have been imagining it, so I'll have to ask her if she remembers the location more exactly. I really want another bathmat like the one I got in Nicosia.

I'm going to go out in a while and go to the English bookshop and buy water, I have completely run out of Badoit.... then I have to do a bit of work. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow, because I have not made a lot of progress in the past few days, thanks to our dear client. Kathryn, you're right, it's hard to deal with that sort of thing when it is a client. I've never had this before - we have had some difficult clients, but never one who is so entirely irrational and so adversarial the whole time. I just hate the way she treats us like peons, too - she actually told Suzette that, as it was a daily rate project (as opposed to hourly), she expected us to be there all night if she wanted it. Normally on a daily rate project, we do not stick to eight hours, we'll do nine or ten if need be, but this attitude that it will be 24 if she says is just gruesome. Anyway our PD will have to sort it out! He is right, it is a risk to the project.

We all get stressed, of course - I'm very good at getting stressed myself! But better to deal with it with scented candles than screaming, in my opinion. Anyway, lets hope it gets sorted out this week.... I am going to carry my sock knitting around all week, in case I need to retire to the bathroom with it to escape from any further scenes!
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  • At 10:42 pm, Blogger Kathryn in NZ

    ROFLOL - sorry Ally, I feel for you with this project but the vision of you furiously knitting in the ladies just tickled me! Also made me think of those ladies knitting by the guillotines in the French Revolution.
    As you say, pity the client hasn't learnt to divert her issues with craft etc the way the rest of us now sane stitchers have