Friday, June 29, 2007
Not A Great Week
Well, it was going OK and I was surviving until yesterday, when the client screamed at me... it wasn't for any particular reason, the person in question is highly unstable and cannot cope with pressure at all. It's too horrible to go into the whole story, but basically she just burst into a meeting that I was having with someone else and let loose, but thirty seconds earlier she had been talking to Suzette relatively normally.

Of course it was upsetting to be yelled at like that, even when rationally I know that it is nothing to do with me. I was very shaky for the rest of the day - I had planned to go home and work in the afternoon, but I had to stay until 5pm to cope with what she was screaming about, even though it was a storm in a teacup. On the way home every single person on the bus was playing loud music (why people can't get themselves decent headphones?) and then at home the kids on the other side of the courtyard were playing extremely loudly. So I ended up with a horrible headache, and slept badly.

Anyway I have talked about this to the PD, he was pretty shocked, and says he will have to do something, because this sort of behaviour is counter-productive and a risk to the project. Apparently there have been irrational outbursts before. I've never thought this person was pleasant to deal with, but this is the first time there has been actual screaming in my presence.

After this I am so looking forward to the weekend - I will finish my Thread Gathering, and I will organise things a bit more at home. The forecast is for dreadful weather, more storms and rain, so I guess I will be spending a bit of time at home.

On the bright side, guess what I ordered - the linen and threads for Marquoir de Justine, from Atalie. As they are in France, the delivery time should be very short, so I think this may be my next big piece. I also like the Needleprint Marken sampler, I am going to have to order that, it won't be out until sometime in July, though. I have so many big sampler charts, I do love them, but I will never be able to stitch them all, unless I have a very long retirement!

A proper stitching update at the weekend, I promise - I tell you, tonight it is going to be light the scented candle, pour a glass of chilled rose and watch the documentary on Venice that's on TV3...
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  • At 1:08 am, Blogger Kathryn in NZ

    Oh you poor thing! So glad the PD is going to do something. Here, you could make a formal harrassment/ abuse complaint. Tricky though, when it's a client staff member :((
    Weather here is wet and nasty too - will send cosy stitchy vibes for you!