Sunday, July 08, 2007
Sunday comes around all too quickly.... and I am not sure why Blogger will not let me add a title to this post, it's very irritating. I am sitting in the McDo at Richelieu-Drouot, more for a change of scene than anything, my connection at home is working fine today. But I plan to sit here and write for a bit, then go to WH Smith and see if they still have the "3 for 2" offer on DVDs. On Friday night I watched "Tea with Mussolini", it was very good, and I highly recommend that one. I also watched "Le Divorce" during the week, and it was also good, but I preferred the book.

Friday was a bit of a disaster in the morning, the new tactic from our dear client is to start with "now I am not saying this to criticise or in any way be personal", then go on to say the most terrible things. I was severely tempted to to ask how she would say it differently if it was personal or critical, but I'm sure she doesn't do irony, plus Madame LA would have killed me.

So I was pretty happy to escape to the Thai restaurant for lunch with Kent, our technical expert, whom I have not seen for ages, since the last time he was in Nicosia, in fact. We took quite a long lunch, he was just waiting for environment loading jobs to finish, and had a good talk, the usual mixture of gossip and techie stuff. Then, when we went back, I tested an environment he had built, it was good, so he went off to the airport and I went home about 5pm.

Also on Friday night I finished "Spring Basket" and started "Daisy Sampler" by CCN..... so we have some photos:

The start of the Daisy Sampler, I am using the recommended threads, but the linen is Permin "Forget Me Not Blue", rather than Lakeside Linens "Patina" - which there is no chance of finding in Paris, and it would take at least two weeks to get from anywhere else.
And here is the "Spring Basket", the charm is just one I had in a packet of little heart charms, not the sterling silver one specified! It's about 5cm square, so pinkeep-sized, I think.

Fonally, the finished "Thread Gathering"! As I said before, completely different colours from my usual ones, but I do like it.

Saturday morning, I did shopping at Ternes, first the FNAC, where I bought a Seagate backup disc, 120 gb, for 150€, plus a few books, including a really brilliant salad cookbook written by a Canadian monk, of all people. Then on to Muji, where I bought 10 shoe boxes, a storage drawer for the bathroom, and a hyacinth scented candle that was on sale. I dropped those at home, had a short nap, and then went out to Monoprix for food, it's the first Saturday for ages that I have been able to go out twice, I think. Then I just stayed in last night and tried to watch "Fabien Cosma" on tv, but I feel asleep quite early.

Today I do have to do some work, alas, to prepare for tomorrow.... we have four days of working with them this week, in meetings from 9am to 11am, then from 3pm to 5pm, to revamp the big report, so that they will accept it. I was talking to David on Thursday night and telling him what was going on, he was amazed and appalled at the situation, it is so abnormal that we should have to write several hundred pages for a report for a project of this type, and that we are doing such a level of detail in this phase. He said he was glad not to be on this project - we are both hoping that Athens will come through. I miss David and Alec so terribly, we won't even mention how much I miss Nicky, who is slaving away in the Netherlands. The only really sympathetic person on this project is Suzette, and she, poor girl, has just been diagnosed with chicken pox, and is off work for two weeks. I told you we were all getting sick! Fortunately, I am pretty sure I have had the chicken pox when I was a child, I had most things, we did in those days.
Anyway, now I am off to WH Smith, to see if I can pick up any more movies.... even with the long days at work, to say nothing of having to go there on the RER etc, sometimes I can manage to relax a bit in the evening, so it is worth having a few DVDs on hand.
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  • At 10:55 pm, Blogger Kathryn in NZ

    Lovely to see Thread Gatherer, and Tamsin (youngest DD) thinks your Basket is very pretty.
    Take care of yourself now, thinking of you!