Tuesday, July 03, 2007
Rain Rain Go Away!
It is so wet - yesterday morning, it rained so much that I would not have been surprised to see Noah's Ark sailing along. There must have been floods somewhere. Today it was raining when I woke up and has not stopped since. At least I have been leaving the house at 7am, so the train is not too crowded, it is ghastly when it rains and the train is crowded.

I did not have to have any meetings with the client yesterday, I was allowed to work undisturbed while Madame LA went through some things with them. (So I did not have to resort to knitting in the bathroom to keep calm!) Nor did I stay too late, I was home by 7:15 - all the same it makes it a 12 hour day, and at this stage of the year, when everyone is very tired and simply longing to go on holidays, this is rather difficult.

This morning I had a short meeting, it was fairly amicable, although they managed to convey the opinion that I was completely useless, of course! Sometimes I wish upon them that they were assigned what we call the "Dream Team" - this is a group of colleagues who together would be the most appalling project team in the world. Some of these people are nice, but inept, some are quite bright at some things, but not at what they fancy being, like lead architect or project director, others are just a total pain to have around. None of them speak French, I don't think, so they will not be coming here, it's only a vague wish of mine that they could.

Last night I got nice mail, so I was happy then - the two recent Drawn Thread alphabet charts, plus the latest SANQ and some R&R linen for the Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers one that says "Friends are the flowers in the garden of life"..... I think I will give that to David for his 60th birthday. This R&R linen is Alabaster, and I like this one, it doesn't look like a cleaning rag, as did the last piece of R&R that I bought!

I also read the latest Gift of Stitching magazine, actually I was a bit disappointed with it, after the last few. I didn't care much for the large design from the Leighton painting, it's not something I would ever do. Thought the teacup thing was the best.

Now I am waiting for Madame and our senior PD to get out of the weekly meeting, which has been going on 2.5 hours, I hope there is nothing horrible going on. Actually I want to go home this afternoon and sleep, I really am tired.
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