Thursday, July 05, 2007
Illness All Around
I am here in the office, with Suzette and our PD, Tom, we are all looking a bit pale - Tom has spent three days in bed this week, and I spent all yesterday in bed as well. I left the client site early on Tuesday afternoon, and it took me nearly three hours to get home. 15 mins of that was sitting in a cafe eating a sandwich, but even so, it was terrible - 30 minutes wait for a bus to start with, then everything just went very, very slowly indeed. It was also pouring with rain, so I got soaked.

Yesterday was a complete write-off, I could not get up at all, I made various excursions to the kitchen and bathroom, but that was it, I did not go outside at all. Today I also slept late, and did not get here until after 11 am. I've just done my performance appraisal, which is a horrible long document, that is couched in American HR language that it virtually unintelligible to the normal European employee. Now I really need to go over the report and incorporate some of the client's comments, these are mostly unintelligible also, but for entirely different reasons. I have to go back there at 9am tomorrow to work with them on it, and basically every day next week for as long as it takes. You can imagine what I think of this. Madame LA has to come too, at least she can't wriggle out of this one...

Suzette says she has fevers and pains, she is off for a check-up a bit later, this is different from what Tom and I had. I hope she is OK, she has family coming to stay next week and is supposed to be going away the week after.

Last night I did manage to do a little stitching - during the day I was far too feeble to do so - I am about halfway through a little HIH freebie that I was sent with an SBB order, "Spring Basket", it's flowers of course, and I am using some leftovers from HIH kits to do it. It's such a pain when one is too sick even to stitch!
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  • At 10:52 pm, Blogger Kathryn in NZ

    Thinking of you!!!
    It is absolutely bucketing down here too. At least it's the right season for it downunder - you're meant to be having summer!