Sunday, July 22, 2007
Relaxing Weekend
I've actually been having quite a decent weekend for once, not too fraught, and I think it is because I know that I'm going to our own office tomorrow, rather than the client's... that, and I guess the medication the doctor gave me for the angine is kicking in.

Yesterday, I went out in the morning, after sleeping in until about 10, I made it to the LNS, just as it opened at 11am and bought some threads, some linen, and the Red Velvet Alphabet by Blue Ribbon Designs. This is one I wouldn't have bought from the internet, but seeing the leaflet really made me want to do it. The LNS has Gloriana silks as well, so I got the Rosewood that the pattern calls for, but I will use Permin Chelle as the linen, since that is what I have on hand and it looks good with the threads.

I also went to Brentanos and to Hippo for lunch - I have a new favourite dish, Brochette Provencale, which is alternating chicken pieces with veal sausage and merguez - very good with bearnaise sauce and salad. Then home for a siesta, I slept for another three hours, would you believe? But I felt good after that, I did heaps of my CCN Daisy Sampler last night and have nearly finished it. I intend to do more this afternoon...... and I've nearly caught up with housework etc as well, the place is not so untidy as usual.

Apparently the weather is going to pack up again as of tomorrow, I hope not to the extent that it has in the UK, I can't believe the floods there. There is very hot weather in Central and Eastern Europe, and it is only three weeks until I go to Zurich (two nights) and Oberlech (seven nights). I am hoping it will be really refreshing at Oberlech and I will be able to go for a few walks in the Alpine air.

Well, off to wander around town for a bit, buy some bread, etc.... no siesta this afternoon, I shall stay awake and hopefully sleeep well tonight.
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