Thursday, July 19, 2007
Hot - Hot - Hot
This weather is stupid........... today was really hot, and I had to go first to our own office, then to the client's office, they are on opposite sides of Paris, so this took nearly two hours to get between the two. The transport at the client's office is not great, as you have to catch a bus from the station. Sylvain says it is a ten minute walk, but then he is well over 6 feet, and very skinny. Those of us who are only 5'6" and somewhat rounded find it much longer, even when we are in excellent health.

I actually had lunch with Sylvain and Tom, who is our PD, at our own office, today it was salmon with a mango sauce, very nice. It's the best cantine I've ever found, I think, far better than our old one and than the client's cantine. Our one even has proper green salad, and there is always a fresh fruit dish for dessert, usually a nice plate of different fruits, with a little cup of sauce, chocolate or creme anglaise, whatever.

Apparently Sylvain is not very happy with Madame LA, he was not impressed with her performance during the review meeting he attended. I didn't dob her in, and say Suzette and I felt much the same, it is enough that he has noticed it. But it sure won't improve her temper, she does seem to have been even more morose than usual today, so he must have spoken to her. She is cross with me, because I wasn't there yesterday, but there's not really anything I could do about that.

Oh I wish I could work with men again, there was none of this trouble then. Or maybe it was because I was always with the over-50 team before, and we are all calmer, whether male or female.............

And no stitching for the past day or so... and none tonight, as I got home at 9pm, starving...
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