Friday, July 13, 2007
Friday - Titles Allowed Again!
Who knows why? Another one of life's little mysteries, along with, why was the man behind me in the RER on Tuesday barking like a dog? Literally, woof, woof, woof, with facial expressions as well. You really have to wonder about some people. Actually the suburb in the east of Paris where we are working has some very, very strange people, and they all seem to catch the same bus and train as me.

We have been here every day this week, and it has been torture, as I have had to leave the house at 7am, and don't get back until 9pm - the bit in between includes at least seven hours of people raving on without drawing breath about anything that happens to come into their heads. Consequently, or at least I assume it is a consequence, I have a headache and seem to be getting a sore throat as well. The extreme fatigue goes without saying. We got through about a quarter of the review that was planned this week, and took twice as many hours to do it as planned, so goodness knows when we will be finished. The only thing I can tell you is that it will not be Wednesday as planned. I've got no idea why these people spend such a long time making plans, as they never stick to them.

Moan, moan, I will stop... on the bright side it is Friday and I am going home at 5pm, via Monoprix to get food and drink and tidy up. I still have my "Emma" DVD to watch, but no new ones, although, to be honest, I may just go to sleep. Tomorrow is 14th July, the French National Day, so there will be very few shops open, plus half the busses will be stopped anyway because of the parade, so I don't think I will go anywhere.

I have nearly got to the heel of my train sock, barking madmen notwithstanding.... I get some very strange looks from people, actually, a lady with a set of sock needles is not a common sight in the Paris metro or RER.
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