Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Feeling Zen
Today I feel quite a bit better - despite the weirdness of sleeping wrapped in clingfilm! Of course it unclings during the course of the night, but I think it is doing some good. My elbows are still very unsightly, but quite a bit less itchy.

I got up late, and finished the work I had to do, then talked to Madame LA and the project director. Then the EDF meter reader came, and I got a chance to look at her brand-new Itron, I haven't seen such a cool one before. Trust me to be interested in meter-reading equipment, I think she was surprised, I bet not many of her customers know anything about Itrons.

I've just got back from the parapharmacie, WH Smith and Monoprix, and it is so hot outside now.... note to Kathryn re the weather: my mother lives in Hawkes Bay and she keeps me up to date with the horrors of weather around NZ. She blames it on French nuclear testing, which of course no-one here does!

Tomorrow I am going to our own office, at least in the morning - there is an outside chance we will have to visit the client again, but it wouldn't be until 4pm, which would probably mean staying there until 8 or 9 pm. So I am not going to go to our office early, in any case, more like 10am. At the rate we are going, this project will kill us all. I have never worked with a client who was so keen to get their money's worth, they even said to Suzette once that, because it was a daily rate project, it didn't matter to them how long we worked in a day. Someone needs to tell them how a work day is calculated. And the thing is that, if they were nicer about things, they might get better results. I've worked with some really tough clients, but never one who was so all round unpleasant as this one.

Never mind, only two weeks or so until vacation - my sister is always going on about how much vacation we have here, but then I think we need it...
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