Thursday, July 26, 2007
No More Pain
I have started to feel much better, after taking my 80 euros worth of medication religiously for over a week, and also sleeping with my elbows clingfilmed with ointment - amazing not to wake in the middle of the night with itchy, painful elbows! The pills I am taking run out on Sunday, so I hope there will be no relapse after that. But I only have to get through five days of work after that, so I am hopeful that I can do that.

Today we are starting on configuration - this time, real configuration in the system, as opposed to going through everything with the client and writing it down on spreadsheets, as per my abortive exercise of three weeks ago, where they asked so many questions about each table that it would have taken a year to go through it. I don't know why they ask the same things over and over again - what is this field for? why is it like this? why doesn't the product have a field like this? etc etc. Some of them I've heard five times about the same screen, and I have already explained five times what it is. I got worried about this, thought maybe they didn't understand my French, and consulted Madame LA, who said that, in that case, they couldn't understand hers - she had exactly the same experience of explaining the same thing over to them five times!

Now I am doing it, with Casey helping, and a new trainee will be here next week to help us as well. Tom is micromanaging us, and has so far asked me a million questions today. However this is not too bad, as we do not have our clients breathing down our necks, and it is also something that is really quite interesting, and I am actually rather good at.

We plan to have lunch at the Moroccan restaurant across the street, we are all in love with their tajines. The service can be very slow - I guess this is authentically Moroccan as well, similar to other Mediterranean countries, including Cyprus - but the food is brilliant, and the tajines are served in cute little tajine dishes. I have seen electric tajine dishes in the shops, I am really tempted to get one for home.

I'm still making the lists of things for the holidays, there is so much to do. The most important thing of course is to decide what projects to take to Austria with me! I have now put the first stitches - three alphabet letters - into the Sampler Lady, so maybe that will be finished by then.
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  • At 11:12 pm, Blogger Kathryn in NZ

    teehee You realise that you and Madame LA have now agreed on something?! Long may that continue :)
    Glad to hear the medications are working