Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Mid Week Survival Update
Another strenuous week - the only good news so far is that I have finished the Daisy Sampler (no picture until the weekend) and that Suzette is back at work.

I spent Monday at our own office and would have spent Tuesday there as well, but for a text message at 9pm on Monday telling me to come to the client's office on Tuesday. No meeting or anything, they just want us under their thumb, so that they can be convinced we are working! So I am here until I go on holiday at the end of next week. Yesterday was hideous, I hadn't slept because I didn't know if there was a meeting or not, and every time I went outside it poured with rain i.e. when I came to work, lunchtime, and on the way home. Today, thank goodness, is fine, and we plan to go to the Thai buffet for lunch.

I am actually counting the days until the holiday now, and making lists of things I need to do or buy or get ready beforehand etc. It is keeping me sane in this ever-changing project - we have another new timetable and also another new young girl starting at the beginning of next week, and of course I have to be mother. David is already referring to Casey as my "daughter figure"! So now I get another one.

Apart from this I have been consoling myself by ordering some autumn clothes from the new Ulla Popken catalog that arrived yesterday. As I haven't had new winter clothes for two years, having spent two winters in Cyprus (I must say that aloud a few times, just to hear Madame LA groan with envy), I really need to overhaul the winter wardrobe. I've started with some long-sleeved tops, a jumper and a suede jacket.

Well, better go and get on with it, the last lot of changes to the report.... I can hardly wait to gohome, I am going to try and get out of here at a reasonable time and go home to start the Sampler Lady (LHN), which is the next piece on the list.
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