Wednesday, August 08, 2007
So I am catching the train from Gare de l'Est to Zurich on Friday............. guess what sort of terrorist alert has just been announced? Yes, right, one for trains in the east of France! This is just totally incredible, apparently the Luxembourg government warned the French government about some Iranian group that plans to do something nasty. The risk is supposed to be highest on the Luxembourg to Basle line, but they have put Plan Vigipirate Rouge into action on all trains in the east, and apparently are looking for several Iranians. If they find them, I certainly hope they send them back to Iran quick smart, I am not at all impressed by this threat - right in the middle of summer holidays, and on a mode of transport that has so far been safe and relatively hassle-free. It means they will certainly be searching luggage on Friday, what a complete pain. It's already bad enough flying because of these people, now they have to start on trains!

Apart from this, nothing of note, I am not getting a lot done, as I am still tired, but went to BHV to buy a new shower hose today. I picked up a picture frame there that I thought would be nice for the Daisy sampler, but it is a little too small, so I shall go back and get the next size up. Also cannot remove the old shower hose from the fitting, I wonder if I need a wrench or something? I don't know anything about DIY, and was amazed to find, when I came to France, that replacing the shower hose is seen as a normal domestic task.

Tomorrow have to buck up a bit and do my packing... hope they catch these lowlifes before Friday.
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