Sunday, August 05, 2007
Very Naughty
I went shopping yesterday, and, as I was passing by the Ulla Popken shop, I thought, let's go inside and see if they have the new collection yet.............. well, they did, and I bought a black top for work, a white ribbed cardigan, a green t-shirt (both of these to be worn in Austria) and a winter cape. This will sit in my wardrobe for the next three months, but will get a lot of wear after that.

Apart from that did very little - a bit of the Sampler Lady and watched Fabien Cosma (a French doctor series) on tv. So nice not to have to rush around at the weekend and do everything I couldn't do during the week. Today I am doing a bit of tidying up around the place, nothing too strenuous, as the temperature is very high, it could go up to 35 or more. Of course, there is a drop in temperature scheduled for tomorrow, back down to 20, it seems!
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