Sunday, August 26, 2007
Finish Photos
But first a photo of the view from my balcony at the hotel in Austria, I still miss this!
Next, the Daisy sampler that I finished a while ago and didn't photograph - I don't know why the linen looks wrinkled, as it is not:
And an almost-finish - The Sampler Lady, she is just waiting for another skein of Old Blue Jeans to arrive from the UK, so that her sleeve and bodice can be completed. There is so little to do on this, and literally it will take another ten stitches to finsh, so frustrating that the thread just wouldn't stretch a little bit:
Actually she was a fair bit of work, all that background in the skirt took a while, but I am happy with the result.
Apart from this, I am going well with the tidying up, it is nearly time to start on the wardrobe, which is the biggest task left. There is far too much in it, and I'm sure there's things I haven't worn since I was in Australia. I need to go and buy more shoe boxes.....
Next week is the last week of my holidays, I heard from Gil during the week, he has now taken over from Madame LA (everyone is pleased, I think), but says he has one million questions to ask me when I get back. I dread to think, however I am sure our Resources Director will not send me to Poland or wherever. Poland would be my preference, since David and Nicky are there.......... however there is still such a shortage of French-speakers that I am doomed to the suburbs of Paris for a long time, I believe.
I thought I was going to have a visit from some cousins in September, they wrote and asked ages ago if they could stay with me - I had to say no, I can't have two extra people for a week in an apartment of 29 square meters, but I offered to find them a reasonable hotel or apartment for the week. Then I didn't hear anything and forgot about it. And then yesterday I get email giving details of their European trip, and it doesn't include Paris! So I'm a little bit dismayed in one way, it looks as though they altered their plans because they couldn't get somewhere free to stay. I actually like these cousins, and they did stay with me before when I had a larger apartment (in my first year here, this was paid for by the company) and were good guests, better than some closer relations who shall not be named! I'm disappointed not to see them again, but still....
Anyway, better go and check on a few online shops and so on, before I go home (am at my Sunday morning McDo as usual), I am thinking of walking most of the way, as for once it is fine! We have had the most dreary weather all week, torrential rain, apparently it is the worst summer for 30 years, and it is going to rain again during the week as well.

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  • At 11:17 pm, Blogger Kathryn in NZ

    That is a great view! Way to go with the stitching. I've looked at those "dololly" tool thingys at Nordic Needle - they pull through short threads to do that one last stitch...but they're USD30+ and just cannot justify that for what they are. So will just keep wishing for stretchy thread too, LOL

  • At 2:05 pm, Blogger Aussie Stitcher

    That view is gorgeous. Your stitching looks great.