Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Mid Week Update
On Sunday, I did walk right up to the Eiffel Tower and to the river, no sign of any rugby ball shaped tent yet.... I really think they are going to put it on the part of the Champ de Mars at my end, near Ecole Militaire, rather than at the Eiffel Tower end, given the lie of the land and where there are gardens etc. People do not realise that, directly under the tower and around it, there are some lovely gardens, with ponds etc and seats to sit on. It's really quite soothing and very funny when you think that a few meters away there are seething swarms of tourists.

After that I went to WH Smith and bought the new Henning Mankell book, plus an Ann Granger mystery (these are total trivia, but I like them) and a DVD of "I Capture the Castle". This is such a good movie, I loved the book also, I recommend them both. Written by Dodie Smith, who wrote "101 Dalmatians", but totally different. I first read the book when I was a teenager, and I was delighted when they made a film.

After this the week has gone rapidly downhill, we had no database until yesterday afternoon, and then again today there is work being done, because I found a lot of errors as soon as it came up. I think Gil is nearly in "shoot the messenger" mode, he gets this hunted look when I approach him. Madame LA is sitting at her desk looking smug, she loves the misfortune of others, especially Gil. I was so totally annoyed by the whole atmosphere yesterday that I went off to the Thai restaurant by myself at lunchtime and ate a menu (12.80€) consisting of spring rolls, steamed specialities with Thai rice, and ice-cream for dessert. No dinner after that, for sure! I don't mind eating in that restaurant by myself, the guy there is sweet, and it is fairly quiet.

I'm not getting a lot done in the evenings either, as I don't get home until 8pm or so, and I am absolutely exhausted when I do. This project is such a worry, and then I have to say I am also a bit worried about the mammographie on Friday as well.... I mean, I know logically there probably won't be a problem, but I keep having these thoughts about what if there is etc etc. At least, afterwards I should be reassured about my health.

I think forward to next weekend, I hope the weather will remain nice, so I can walk again on Sunday - I'd like to go to Versailles and walk through the gardens, but it would also be nice to go to Jardin de Bagatelle before the roses quite disappear. You know there is a Guerlain perfume named after this garden? Very beautiful...
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