Friday, August 20, 2010
Still Sick!
I've been to the doctor, and he confirmed bronchitis - so I've been languishing in bed a lot, taking various drugs, and going out only for a short while each day.

Everything is very quiet, I think most people in the building are away for holidays still, except for my upstairs neighbour, whom I hear, but do not see. The restaurant on the ground floor is being entirely redecorated, and I am wondering if it has been sold, as the people who were there are nowhere in evidence, plus the flat on the other side of the entrance (they owned this, and used it as an office) is being redecorated, and a man I am pretty sure is a real estate agent has been hanging around.

The news is that I am going to the Netherlands (Apeldoorn) to start work on 1 September - I had a phone interview with them, and it went well, so there we are. It seems the much talked about Paris project, which was supposed to start last December is still not ready to go. I'm not terribly upset, because our Special Snowflake was going to be in charge there. I'm pretty sure she will not be in the Netherlands. There will be one of the Silly Girls there, but I think she won't be too bad without her leader.

Actually I am fairly happy about Apeldoorn, because I can get there by train, which is much less stressful than the whole CDG horror story. And it seems there is a fair bit to do and see around that area, and I can always go to Amsterdam or wherever at the weekends if I feel like it - I will have to stay there some weekends.

Now I'm going out for my daily walk and shopping, I hope I can catch up again over the weekend.
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