Sunday, July 11, 2010
Stitchers Pocket - Craft Show
First an update on my LHN Stitchers Pocket:
I think this will be very pretty when finished, and it is coming along nicely, a few more evenings of concentrating should work wonders!

Yesterday I went to the Craft Show, goodness, it was a long way out of town, at the Derwent Entertainment Centre. It was fairly hard to get there and back, the options were either a $25 taxi ride or an hourly bus ride. I quite enjoyed it, although it was small, maybe about twenty stalls, and there was really nothing much for embroiderers, apart from a few stalls that had fancy scissors and tape measures, and Dymock's book skop. However, I did buy some patchwork fabric and see a nice quilt exhibition from Tasmanian quilters.

Really I must learn to keep my mouth shut in public though - I opened it to admire a quilt at one patchwork shop's stall, and the woman behind the counter commented that I was not from around here, was I? Quite often people ask where I am from and so on, so I answered her when she did, and my goodness, she told me all about how Paris would be a terrible place to bring up children, because of the pollution which would prevent them from playing outside.... I had to ask, and no, she's never been to Europe!

Thinking about it later, I realised a couple of people at work had said how lucky I was to be able to come to Tasmania and spend time here, and I'm now wondering whether it is common here to think that Paris, and Europe in general, is very polluted and unhealthy. Which isn't the case, in fact. In Paris we can get hazy days in summer when it is very hot and they ask people not to drive, but this is only occasional and mostly the air quality is very good. In Cyprus we did get problems with dust storms, when we were advised to stay inside if possible, but again only occasionally.

I'm contemplating tomorrow with more equanimity than usual, since I have only fifteen work days left here. I'm just hoping I can keep from catching a cold or anything like that!
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