Thursday, May 13, 2010
Still in Paris
Yesterday I went to a needlework shop that shall be nameless - because, although they sell a good variety of threads, they do something very funny. I arrived with a list of GAST and WDW that I need for a few pieces and find that they organise them by numbers! They were quite cross that I only had the names of the colours, and the procedure was that they looked up the numbers of the colours in the book, then looked for them on the rings on which they were stored, then snipped through the cardboard bit to get the hank off the ring! So now I'm going to have to sellotape them together again so they don't fall off my rings.... honestly, I've never seen a pattern that gives GAST or WDW numbers as well as or instead of colours.

But I did get most of the threads I need, so at least that is the good part.

I am more or less on track for departing for Tasmania on Monday, although I still don't have final approval for my ticket - but the resources director told me to go ahead and buy it, since I have authority from the work doctor and the big, big boss, we are just waiting on HR, and it is a public holiday today in France, so they won't be there.

My plans for the day include going to the hairdresser, then coming home and stitching, I am still on the scissor bed. Tomorrow I need to buy some more scissors to put in it, because the ones I lost at Hobart airport were the ones this bed was for. Also need to go to the office and do one last set of expenses, sigh.........
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  • At 4:04 pm, Anonymous Anonymous

    Bugger ... that is such a loooong way to travel all that way home only to have to turn around and come back again! I hope you do manage to get the time to visit with your sister etc this time :) Of course if you need a detour to Sydney you're more than welcome to the sofa bed! :P